Centeron Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) program

With Centeron MaaS, quickly scale your remote tank monitoring program to save on delivery costs. Rather than incur the large upfront capital expense of purchasing hardware, you simply pay a low monthly fee for the monitor and your choice of data plan. This allows you to deploy many times the number of monitors for the same level of investment as directly purchasing them. Each monitor deployed in the field builds upon your information base; resulting in greater delivery efficiency and savings.


  • Low monthly fee for monitor and data
  • Ability to select from several data plans and change the plan for a monitor as needed
  • Battery replacements for monitors covered by the MaaS program
  • 5-year warranty on monitor hardware
  • MaaS program monitors will be upgraded to new cellular technology when necessary

Maximize your resources & your bottom line

with Schneider Electric advanced tank monitoring solutions

Meeting demand in today's volatile marketplace is one of your biggest challenges. You need to ensure that your customers can get the product they need when they need it, while keeping your own costs in check. To protect your bottom line in this time of ultra-tight margins, you must make the most of your fleet, drivers, and fuel. To do that, you need the right tools and information.

With our Schneider Electric tank monitoring solutions you can:

  • Use your assets more efficiently
  • Reduce overhead costs and boost sales margins
  • Improve delivery schedules and inventory management
  • Get greater insight into production changes
  • Minimize stock outs and keep customers happy
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