Centeron Wireless Tank Monitoring Systems are designed to help companies that monitor tanks have maximum control over product distribution, collection and overall vessel management. The Centeron System uses state-of-the-art radio and sensor technology to remotely monitor storage tanks in a number of applications including petroleum, propane, chemicals and agriculture. Centeron gives your business the competitive edge by providing an up-to-date, accurate account of tank level that helps you plan deliveries more efficiently. The Centeron System is the reliable and affordable choice for anyone seriously considering remote tank monitoring.

Monitor Tanks Dispatch Compass Track Performance

The Centeron System tracks tank levels for you, so you know exactly when and where to make deliveries.

Centeron eliminates inefficient partial fills, emergency deliveries and run outs. This increased level of efficiency, allows you to expand your customer base without adding new resources.

The Dispatch Compass is an automated truck loading and routing assistant that enables users to quickly plan and schedule highly efficient delivery routes. It enables dispatchers to spend up to 50% less time scheduling and routing, and allows companies to distribute product as efficiently as possible.

Dispatch Compass

The Centeron Management Dashboard helps managers evaluate and track their delivery team’s performance over time. The tool allows you to compare various performance measurements, to analyze increased savings and efficiencies achieved with the Centeron System.




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