4G LTE Cellular Float Monitor

The Schneider Electric System

The Schneider Electric System combines robust tank monitoring equipment, market leading Centeron OptiFill Delivery optimization software, and Centeron Dispatch Compass routing software. This complete set of tools will dramatically improve the productivity of any propane distribution business.

Centeron has partnered with Verizon making our wireless tank monitoring equipment unmatched in breadth of product, radio strength, and reliability. The system communicates via LTE or HSPA technology.

OptiFill enables you to unlock the power of your wireless tank monitoring system. This delivery optimization software allows you to achieve maximum fills on every delivery, even difficult multi-tank locations.

With these powerful tools and the lastest technology in place, any fleet will travel fewer miles in less time for less cost than ever before. With the higher levels of efficientcy and productivity you can service additional customers and generate more profits without adding additional trucks or drivers.

The Centeron Cellular Float Monitor takes remote monitoring to the next level at a price you can afford. One monitor fits any application, is UL certified for use in hazardous locations, and is Class 1, Zone 0, Group D approved.


  • Approved for Class 1, Zone 0, Group D use in hazardous locations
  • 4G LTE cellular coverage for U.S.
  • Accuracy +/-5%
  • Flexible reporting schedule
  • E-mail and text-messaging alerts
  • Automatic fill detection
  • Alerts for level change prior to scheduled reporting
  • Battery and radio strength indicator
  • Compatible with Rochester Junior and Senior remote ready tank dials
  • Compatible with Taylor A and B remote ready tank dials

Centeron by Schneider Electric: simply the right choice for your monitoring needs.

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The 4G LTE Cellular Float Monitor can be easily installed in minutes. The video below provides an informative demonstration.

Technical Specifications

  4G LTE Cellular Float Monitor
Accuracy: +/- 5%, Full Scale Range
Operating Temperature: -30°C to +60°C
Battery Life: 5+ years @1 report per week
Enclosure: Meets NEMA Type 4
Mounting Type: Magnetic
Safety Approvals: USL Class 1, Zone 0, Group D and CNL Class 1, Zone 0, Group D
Radio Approval: FCC Part 15 approved
Cellular coverage: 4G LTE coverage in the U.S.

California Residents - Click Here for Proposition 65 Warning.