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LTE Cellular Gateway

LTE Cellular Gateway
Schneider Electric System

The Schneider Electric System

The Schneider Electric System combines robust tank monitoring equipment, market leading Centeron OptiFill tank fill optimization software, and Centeron Dispatch Compass routing and dispatching software to provide a complete set of tools to dramatically improve the productivity of any liquid distribution business.

Our wireless tank monitoring equipment is unmatched in breadth of product, radio strength, and reliability. It can communicate via cellular, satellite, or Ethernet to ensure the best solution for any application.

Centeron OptiFill enables you to unlock the power of your wireless tank monitoring system. This delivery optimization software helps you achieve maximum fills on every delivery — even for difficult multi-tank locations.

Centeron Dispatch Compass is designed specifically for liquid distribution, and easily schedules the most efficient routes for any combination of bulk, multi-compartment, packaged goods, or combo trucks.

With these powerful tools, any fleet will travel fewer miles in less time for less cost than ever before. And with higher levels of efficiency, you can serve more customers and generate greater profits — without additional trucks or drivers.

The Centeron Cellular Gateway receives tank level information from Centeron RF monitors and transmits the data to the Schneider Electric Data Center using LTE cellular communications. It is an excellent choice for anyone needing up-to-date level information.


  • NEW! LTE communication
  • Scheduled or “POLL NOW” level data
  • RF signal strength indicators for each monitor
  • Remotely set-up and revise report scheduling and alarms; supports automatic fill detection
  • Remote upgrades, so when new features are added to the system, your existing device can be easily updated
  • Troubleshooting lights assist all aspects of installation, and stores and reports missed monitor pings for better remote troubleshooting
  • Optional battery backup
  • LTE cellular coverage
  • Supports up to 40 Schneider Electric RF monitors
  • Two-level, set-point alarms for each tank
  • Secure data transmissions
  • Automatic power fail recovery
  • No external antenna

Schneider Electric: Simply the right choice for your monitoring needs.

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Technical Specifications

  LTE Cellular Gateway
Monitor Radio Range: One-mile line-of-sight or 500 ft-obstructed
Environment: Indoor and outdoor available (Type 4X outside enclosure)
Temperature Range: -40°C to +80°C
Supply: +12 VDC to +28 VDC, 0.5A
Dimensions: 11.0"L x 7.0"W x 5.0"H
Communication: LTE (4G) only - Verizon

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