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Centeron WebView

Better schedule deliveries

Do you know your current average fill rate per customer tank? Centeron WebView gives you the right information at the right time — helping you better schedule and dispatch your truck fleet, as well as reduce fuel costs through more efficient deliveries. With this, you can boost your bottom line, and get a more accurate forecast of inventory and production changes.

This powerful, secure Web-based inventory and delivery management solution provides you with up-to-date inventory statuses that support your best delivery and supply decisions. It includes robust delivery planning and performance tools designed to help you more efficiently manage your processes.

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Centeron Encompass

Poll now ready monitors and the industry's first mobile app

Centeron Encompass is our new suite of gateways and RF monitor products that provide more current data than ever before. Our monitors now feature a "poll now" capability for checking tank levels at any time — whenever you need a current reading. They detect set-point crossings faster, and as new features are added your devices will automatically be updated over the air.

We also have the industry's first mobile app for Apple and Android devices. The app taps into detailed data for each of your sites through WebView™ in a summary form. The useful real-time mode feature is there for more frequent reporting, allowing you to get an updated reading while you are on or off site. What's more, our new app works with all monitors you currently have deployed in the field.

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Centeron OptiFill

Achieve maximum fills

Centeron OptiFill helps you expand the power of your remote tank monitoring solution. It collects your tank level data from WebView and automatically determines which of your locations need to be filled now, and which ones can wait until later.

When you use Centeron OptiFill to schedule deliveries, you can eliminate "top offs" and achieve maximum fills — substantially increasing your delivery capacity. With this improved efficiency you can even add new customers without having to employ additional trucks and drivers.

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Centeron Dispatch Compass

Create efficient routes

Do your drivers know what stops to make before leaving the office? Centeron Dispatch Compass is a Web-based, effective fleet routing system is designed specifically to support the bulk liquid and commercial fuel product delivery market, as well as propane.

With this solution, your dispatchers can dynamically group orders to create efficient delivery routes for all combinations of will call, scheduled, and monitored tanks. It ensures that any of your fleet of bulk, multi-compartment, packaged goods, or combo trucks will travel fewer miles, in less time, and for less cost than ever before.

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