Centeron WebView

Efficient, Web-based Inventory and Delivery Management

Ensure secure and reliable access to your tank information

Staying on top of demand in today's distribution chain is challenging. Stock-outs can be costly and lead to lost business. Transportation expenses and delivery logistics can be hard to manage, particularly around emergency deliveries.

Having the right information at the right time can help you better schedule and dispatch your truck fleet and drivers, as well as reduce fuel costs through more efficient pick ups and deliveries. This can boost your bottom line, as can more accurate forecasting of inventory and production changes.

To help, at Schneider Electric, we offer Centeron WebView. This powerful, secure Web-based inventory and delivery management solution provides you with up-to-date inventory statuses that support your best delivery and supply decisions. It includes robust delivery planning and performance tools designed to help you more efficiently manage your processes. Stay on top of your tank levels with instant alerts delivered by email, fax, or text.

Enhanced Tank Monitoring

With Centeron WebView, you can easily monitor your tanks, reviewing both current and historical tank fill-level and usage information. It can also help you track your progress towards improved inventory forecasting and a more efficient delivery process.

Eliminate run outs and ensure smarter delivery schedules with Centeron WebView's detailed graphical and tabular reports, as well as active text, email, or fax alerts — keeping you and your team proactively on top of changing tank levels. A device health alert can help you ensure the soundness of your solution, and map view capabilities allow you to track tank locations on GPS-enabled monitors.

Webview Screenshot 1

Set-points that indicate tank status and date, time stamped to the last monitor update

Boosting Efficiencies

Our Schneider Electric-branded monitoring devices connect through Centeron WebView via cellular, ethernet, or satellite connection, allowing you to track tank levels and letting you know exactly when and where to make your deliveries. This targeted information can eliminate inefficient partial fills, stressful emergency deliveries, and costly run outs — which can improve your logistics productivity and minimize unplanned expenses.

Webview Screenshot 2

Quickly and easily view the status of all tanks, on site or by region, at a glance.

Supporting Growth

By increasing your level of efficiency, you can expand your business and customer base — without needing to add more resources. Centeron WebView helps you better manage the customers you already have, allowing you to do more while keeping costs in check.

Improve Team Performance

Centeron WebView's tools can help your managers easily evaluate and track your delivery team's performance over time. They can quickly compare various performance measurements and reports to verify, analyze, and maximize savings and efficiencies — giving you a higher return on your investment.

Webview Screenshot 3

Our customizable fill analysis tools help you measure delivery performance by region or customer.

High-level Security

Its flexible, password-protected Web-based user interface allows for secure organization, customer, and tank hierarchy set-ups. You can customize your Centeron WebView with specific user authorization levels, from read-only to full system administration. And our fully redundant data center ensures reliable, uninterrupted service.

Easy Set-up

Centeron WebView provides simple set-up capabilities that offer numerous benefits. With it you can:

  • Save time with its simple, easy-to-use tank monitor set-up processes
  • Get data when you need it by taking advantage of its flexible tank reporting scheduling features
  • Customize data visibility with secure, multi-user access for employees, customers, and suppliers — anyone you want to have access your tank data
  • Avoid outages and minimize emergencies by choosing your preferred tank-level alerts
  • Easily monitor device health with customized color-coded tank status indicators
  • Enhance data retrieval by downloading your data into Excel® or other applications to create customized reports to review fill analysis and usage
  • Ensure flexibility in managing monitor report frequencies and customized notification for sending escalation alerts to appropriate contacts within your organization