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Centeron Dispatch Compass

An Innovative Approach to Liquid Product Delivery

Simultaneously load and route bulk, multi-compartment, packaged goods, and combo trucks

Managing demand in today’s distribution chain is one of your biggest challenges. To be profitable and to keep your customers happy, you need to not only deliver product when and where it is needed, but also as efficiently as possible. Having the right information at the right time can help you better plan your delivery routes.

To help, we offer Centeron Dispatch Compass™. This Web-based, effective fleet routing system is designed specifically to support the bulk liquid and commercial fuel product delivery market, as well as propane. With Centeron Dispatch Compass, you can create efficient routes for any combination of will call tanks, scheduled tanks, or monitored tanks.

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Liquid Product Delivery

Ensure More Efficient Deliveries

With Centeron Dispatch Compass, your dispatchers can dynamically group orders to create efficient delivery routes for all combinations of will call, scheduled, and monitored tanks. It ensures that any of your fleet of bulk, multi-compartment, packaged goods, or combo trucks will travel fewer miles, in less time, and for less cost than ever before.

Centeron Dispatch Compass is scalable, allowing for custom set-ups based on your fleet’s assets and drivers. Maps are included to support your delivery routing, and the interface is specially-designed to allow your dispatchers to easily edit routes.

Centeron Dispatch Compass Can Help You To:

  • Reduce routing time — by automatically generating efficient daily routes
  • Cut delivery costs — by ensuring your fleet drives fewer miles and delivers more product in less time
  • Minimize equipment costs — by reducing miles driven to deliver the same amount of product, you can avoid wear and tear on your trucks, extending equipment life
  • Shorten implementation time — its Web-based system requires minimal IT resources to implement
  • Increase revenue — by turning the additional capacity into more revenue, improving your bottom line

Extend its Capabilities

Pair your intuitive, Web-based Centeron Dispatch Compass with the optional Centeron OptiFill™ component for analysis, and to create orders from your back office.

Centeron OptiFill helps you expand the power of your remote tank monitoring solution. It collects your tank level data from Centeron WebView™ and applies a series of advanced algorithms to automatically determine which of your locations need to be filled now, and which ones can wait until later

Centeron OptiFill can help you to create a fully automated inventory management and distribution system for your liquid products. This can enable you to consistently achieve unmatched fill percentages.

Fast, Automatic Schedules

Decrease dispatch time with fast automatic schedules determined by Centeron OptiFill

Optimum Fills at Multi-Tank Sites

Achieve optimum fills at multi-tank sites for maximum revenue per gallon delivered

Maximize Loads Automatically

Maximize loads for bulk, multi-compartment, packaged-goods, and combo trucks automatically

Make Manual Adjustments

Easily make manual adjustments for special circumstances or to accommodate last minute orders