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Centeron Encompass™

Better Manage and Maximize Your Resources — and Your Bottom Line

Meeting demand in today's volatile marketplace is one of your biggest challenges. You need to ensure that your customers can get the product they need when they need it, while keeping your own costs in check. To protect your bottom line in this time of ultra-tight margins, you must make the most of your fleet, drivers, and fuel. To do that, you need the right tools and information.

At Schneider Electric, we offer Centeron Encompass. With it, you can better manage and maximize your resources. You'll know when to deliver and when to pick up — avoiding costly run outs, lost business, emergency deliveries, and short fills. Centeron Encompass allows you to increase your profitability through more efficient operations and better forecasting, with greater insight into production changes. The bottom line: it can help you be more proactive instead of reactive, allowing you to protect — even grow — your business.

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Storage Tank

Centeron Encompass uses a variety of sensing technologies to track your tank levels and let you know exactly when and where to make deliveries.

How it Works

Centeron Encompass tank monitoring devices use a variety of sensing technologies to track your tank levels at bulk facilities or multi-tank sites and let you know exactly when and where to make deliveries. This helps eliminate inefficient partial fills, costly emergency deliveries, and much-dreaded run outs. Your managers can also use solution tools to track and evaluate your team's delivery performance over time, comparing and analyzing various measurements to increase efficiencies and savings. And by increasing your operational efficiencies, you can expand your customer base using just your current resources.

Centeron Encompass is able to deliver these benefits through its two main components: RF tank monitors and gateways.

With Centeron Encompass You Can:

  • Maximize your resources
  • Reduce your delivery costs
  • Improve your efficiencies
  • Better recognize production changes
  • Boost billing and accounting functions
  • Eliminate stock outs and emergency deliveries
  • Ensure your customers' needs are met
  • Become more proactive; be less reactive
3G and 4G CDMA Cellular Gateway
Encompass Small Monitor

Tank Monitors

Centeron Encompass RF tank monitors provide up-to-date inventory statuses via a Web-based application, allowing your distribution operation to make more efficient business decisions.

Our wireless tank monitoring equipment offers unmatched breadth of product and reliability. Tanks from eight to more than 50 feet tall can be monitored, and we offer four types of standard tank-level monitors to choose from, depending on your product and specific needs. In addition, our intrinsically safe radar, float, gauge (for propane), and pressure monitors are designed for use in Class I, Division 1, and Group D hazardous locations.

Centeron Encompass RF monitors can detect set-point crossings more quickly, and support a new "poll now" feature that checks your tank levels when you need a current reading. In addition, our monitors can be upgraded "over the air" — seamlessly delivering new capabilities.

Centeron Encompass monitors are easy to install and offer a rugged enclosure and long battery life for maximum performance. For greater ease of use, you can set up your level set-points, alarms, and schedules in our Centeron WebView solution, which instantly passes them down to your monitors.


Centeron Encompass gateways allow you to connect your Centeron Encompass RF tank monitors to our Web-based software, delivering up-to-date inventory status information that supports your scheduling and supply decisions. The Web-based application is secure and easy to use, and includes delivery planning and performance tools.

We offer two types of gateway technology. Tank-level information can be received and transmitted either by 3G CDMA cellular or Ethernet communications. Both options support our new "poll now" tool.

Centeron WebView

Centeron WebView

Centeron Encompass RF tank monitors are used with our Centeron WebView™ solution through our gateway offerings, ensuring that your fleet will travel fewer miles, in less time, for less cost than ever before. Through these higher levels of efficiency, you can service more customers and generate greater profits — all without additional trucks or drivers. Delivery and supply planning, as well as performance assessments are supported through its user-friendly interface and built-in tools.

Mobile App

New to the Schneider Electric suite of products is our new mobile app for Apple® and Android™ devices. The app taps into detailed data for each of your sites through Centeron WebView in a summary form.

You can select a site and drill down through its hierarchy, similiar to how you would in Centeron WebView. Each tank has its own summary data, including tank name, current fill level for a product, average daily usage, and days remaining. There is also a useful real-time mode for more frequent reporting, allowing you to get an updated reading while you are on site. This is particularly useful for before and after delivery for a specific tank.

A Complete Solution

When paired with our Centeron WebView solution, Centeron Encompass provides a total system for monitoring your tanks, analyzing current and historical tank-level data, and tracking your progress towards your efficiency goals. In addition, you can utilize various reports and alerts to manage changing tank levels and mitigate the risk of delivery problems and costly stock outs.