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Centeron OptiFill™

An Innovative Approach to Liquid Product Scheduling

In today’s demand-driven distribution chain, you need to manage many challenges. First and foremost, you must ensure that your tanks are stocked. However, you also need to control your transportation-related expenses. Not only your own fuel costs, but the labor dollars spent making deliveries and to repair the wear and tear on your trucks — both of which can impact your bottom line. What’s more, run outs can cost you business.

To help, at Schneider Electric, we offer Centeron OptiFill. Centeron OptiFill is an innovative approach to liquid product delivery, offering an easy-to-use, Web-based user experience. It is designed to help you quickly and efficiently create orders and schedule product deliveries.

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Centeron OptiFill Image 1

Information pulled directly from Centeron WebView can be filtered by priority

How it Works

Centeron OptiFill helps you expand the power of your remote tank monitoring solution. It collects your tank level data from Centeron WebView™ and applies a series of advanced algorithms to automatically determine which of your locations need to be filled now, and which ones can wait until later.

When you use Centeron OptiFill to schedule deliveries, you can eliminate “top offs” and achieve maximum fills — substantially increasing your delivery capacity. With this improved efficiency you can even add new customers without having to employ additional trucks and drivers.

By eliminating inefficient manual order creation and scheduling, Centeron OptiFill can also reduce the amount of time a dispatcher must spend in order to establish your delivery schedules. When special circumstances or last-minute orders arise, you can easily make manual adjustments as needed.

With Centeron Optifill You Can:

  • Cut delivery and equipment costs
  • Minimize miles driven and shorten your delivery times
  • Lessen wear and tear on vehicles
  • Boost revenues
  • Free up capacity
Centeron OptiFill Image 2

Customize and configure conditions for what order to fill based on Centeron WebView data

Centeron OptiFill Image 3

Manage scheduled orders by site and product

Measurable Results

When using Centeron OptiFill to maximize your tank fills, on average, you can experience a 50 percent increase in the amount delivered, and 33 percent fewer stops. This significantly streamlines and simplifies the normally complicated delivery optimization process.

By helping dispatchers to better determine which tanks to fill now and which to fill later, you can minimize your total costs while maximizing your asset utilization. What once took hours of educated guessing and research to achieve can now be done in less than 10 minutes with Centeron OptiFill. This allows your team to focus their efforts on other important tasks.

Maximizing tank fills with Centeron OptiFill can reduce delivery stops by up to 50 percent for the same amount of product

The Key Takeaways for Centeron OptiFill Include:

  • More efficient deliveries — Centeron OptiFill increases the amount delivered, per tank, by up to 50 percent
  • Better capacity utilization — Centeron OptiFill reduces the number of stops required by 33 percent
  • Lower dispatching costs — Centeron OptiFill allows your team to complete daily dispatching faster and more effectively
  • Increase revenue — Centeron OptiFill allows you to turn your newly-increased fleet capacity into new revenue and lower costs

A Complete Solution

When used with our Centeron Dispatch Compass solution, Centeron OptiFill can help you to create a fully automated inventory management and distribution system for your liquid products. This can enable you to consistently achieve unmatched fill percentages with optimized delivery routing.

Data from our Centeron WebView™ solution is directly accessed by Centeron OptiFill for analysis. There, your orders are created and integrated into your back office system, supporting more efficient operations across your enterprise.