Tank Level Monitors

The Centeron System combines robust tank monitoring equipment, market leading OptiFill tank fill optimization software, and Dispatch CompassTM routing and dispatching software to provide a complete set of tools designed to increase the productivity of any liquid distribution business.

New Products

IS Cellular Propane Monitors
The Centeron Intrinsically Safe Cellular Propane Monitor is the first cellular propane monitor approved for use in flammable atmospheres. It is UL and CAN/CSA certified so you can be sure it’s safe to use in demanding environments anywhere in the world. And like other Centeron products, its ease of installation, long battery life, and rugged enclosure ensure a long life of excellent performance.


Gauge Monitor
The Gauge Monitor is magnetically attached to the propane tank. Propane level is measured using a reliable Hall effect sensor that senses float position inside the tank. No tank penetration is needed for installation. The sensor snaps into tank gauges equipped with the Rochester Remote Ready gauge, or replaces the entire mechanical dial. Monitor installation takes less than 5 minutes.


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